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Our team of accountants at MACH is committed to helping you achieve financial success within your medical and paramedical practice. With services ranging from annual accounting, taxation and advising, our trained team understands the challenges faced within the medical and paramedical industry.

As a result, we provide you with industry-specific business expertise and work with you throughout the year to deliver the tools, resources, and ideas you need to build and maintain a thriving practice.

Our accountants provide robust and efficient financial and accounting solutions that allow you to focus on what’s important—your patients and your practice. With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we are familiar with your day-to-day operations, overhead structure, billing routines, and much more.

Our Specialization

  • Practice Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Acquisition, Selling & Succession Planning
  • Business Exit & Retirement Planning
  • Loan Repayment Plans
  • Practice Setup & Expansion Planning

At MACH, our experienced professionals provide insightful feedback and break down complex data into practical terms to help you make intelligent decisions. Through careful planning and analysis, we will determine your needs and create a personalized service package to keep you on track toward a more profitable practice. We can achieve that through revenue enhancement, expense control, and more.

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