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At MACH, we provide annual accounting and financial advising services, as well as specialized services for dentists and medical professionals. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. We work as part of your team, understanding your needs and what matters to you.

We provide complete, rapid and uncompromising support when you need it and will help you identify all the sources of income and related tax savings.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Financial statements of any business are essential requirements which we prepare for our clients to show accurate financial results of their businesses. These statements show the immediate performance, identify any weaknesses and help setting up a future direction. Other services include:

  • Practice Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Practice Acquisition, Selling & Succession Planning
  • Personal Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Annual Accounting

Specialized Services for Professionals

A special focus of our practice is in servicing a range of medical professionals, including veterinarians, dentists and other healthcare practitioners. Establishing and growing a professional practice has its own set of challenges in an environment of increasing costs and pressures to increase revenues.

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